The international piano competition will take place in Geilenkirchen from 24th - 28th July 2018. The competition is open to pianists of all nationality. All music must be performed from memory. All stages of the competition are open to the public. The decisions of the jury are final, in case of differences of interpretation of the competition Regulations, the German text will be held as definitive.


Contestants are kindly advised to make travel arrangements individually. Hotel recommendations will be announced soon.


Applicants for taken part in the EUREGIO PIANO AWARD 2019 must be between 18 and 32 years. 

The age limit for the YOUTH EUREGIO PIANO AWARD 2019 is devide in 3 age categories:

Category A (up to 13 years)

Category B (14 - 17 years)

Category C (18 - 29 years)

All necessary documents for participation must be received by the Competition Secretary by email  on June 10th 2019 at the latest.

Each competitor is responsible for all costs that may be incurred by participation in the Competition.


The Competition Repertoire must be played from memory.


A competitor may only alter his/her programme for any stage of the Competition by informing the Competition Secretary of the change by 24th of June, 2019.


No appeal shall be possible against decisions by the Jury or by the Competition Directors.
    The Konzertdirektion Koltun gUG (organisation of the EUREGIO PIANO AWARD 2019 and YOUTH EUREGIO PIANO AWARD) is sole holder of the rights to all video or audio recordings and Internet broadcasts in all stages of the Competition. Competitors cede to the Konzertdirektion KOltun gUG, without remuneration, the rights to the following:

    a) performances of works during the the whole Competition
    b) performances of works during the concerts for participants and the final-concert
    c) photographic and recorded images taken during participation in the Competition and the concerts.

    These rights are unlimited in time and space for the following purposes:
    - recording
    - reproduction (all forms)
    - trading
    - placing on computer memory, internet or other networks
    - public play-back and performance
    - exhibiting
    - screening
    - renting
    - leasing
    - broadcasting by wired or wireless sound or vision by terrestrial or satellite stations
    - simultaneous and integral radio and television transmission and retransmission.

The exploitation of these rights in the ways set out above will be carried out by individuals, firms, radio and television stations and record labels authorised to do so by the Konzertdirektion Koltun gUG.


For reasons of competition planning the competitors are required to report in time.


All prize winners are obliged to take part in the Final Concert and to be present at the distribution of prizes. Should a prize winner not appear, he/she can lose the claim to prizes; on such matters the Management of the Competition shall decide.

All organizational decisions concerning the Competition remain the responsibility of the Competition Management. The Management reserves the right to make all final decisions in the event of any misunderstanding.


The application fee cannot be returned after application deadline.


In some cases foreign competitors will need visas. Applicants should consult the nearest German Embassy or Consulate for advice. The participants will get in official invitation letter, which they can use to apply the visa.


By sending the application form the participants declare that they approve the terms and conditions mentioned in the regulations.